About us



Improve your life and the lives of those you care for, with a little help from technology…

You might not be aware of some of the fantastic products that exist to help people just like you to manage your health and care needs.

So telmenow.com was created by a passionate group of like-minded people, who are all experts in technology for health and care, to help you understand how these products can help…

We call it technology for independent living – selecting only the best to include in our range, as we believe in quality rather than quantity.

We do understand that the idea of using technology can be off-putting to many, so we test all the products carefully to make sure they work properly and are easy to install and use.

And this is also why we also give free advice and support to you in several different ways:

Through our blog – we make every effort to ensure the best and most relevant information is reaching you to help you out. We also want to share stories from people just like you so others know they are not alone in their situation

Via social media – our social media team is available to contact for advice on Facebook & Twitter. We'll also keep you up-to-date with articles and posts that may be of help or interest to you

Contact us – we are available via email or phone and we can offer guidance, whether it's about technology that you are interested in or advice on your situation 


Meet our team

Norman Niven, CEO

Norman Niven

Chief Executive

Norman is a qualified pharmacist with over 30 years’ experience in healthcare. He’s a former director of BUPA and founded two companies whose products revolutionised medication management.

Rory Adam, FD

Rory Adam

Finance Director

A long and successful career in the health and care sectors has provided Rory with a deep understanding of the needs of suppliers and customers within this sector.

Ben Carter

Ben Carter

Sales Director

With over 10 years' experience in health technology roles, Ben has been responsible for the successful launch of many new technology products into the UK Healthcare Ecosystem.

Chris Weatherhead, Marketing Director

Chris Weatherhead

Marketing Director

Chris heads our marketing team. He has over 9 years’ experience, during which he has delivered digital marketing workshops and presentations at several notable events.

Tony Kane, MD

Tony Kane


Tony is a veteran of the IT and telecoms industry. Prior to telmenow.com he was Global Head of mHealth at Vodafone Group where he led Vodafone’s activity in technology for health.

Clive Noak, Director

Clive Noak


Clive has spent many years in pharmaceuticals and health consulting. He is a specialist in technology for independent living through his previous role with the Telecare Services Association (TSA).

John Niven, Director

John Niven


John is responsible for bringing brilliant new products on board, as well as liaising with all of our suppliers.

Mark Niven, Director

Mark Niven


Mark was a qualified solicitor for 11 years prior to joining telmenow.com. He has also been involved at a senior level in a number of businesses.

Sue West, Customer Service Manager

Sue West

Customer Service Manager

Sue’s working background has been largely in the role of personal assistant and also events co-ordinator. Used to communicating with people both face to face and on the telephone, her customer service skills have developed over the years.

Jess Ball, Head of Content

Jess Ball

Head of Content

Jess creates our vast range of content, including our advice and news articles, guides, and brochures, which all aim to provide that extra bit of support.

Kate Adam, Head of Optimisation

Kate Adam

Head of Optimisation

Kate ensures that your journey through the website is as smooth as possible.

Alice McMorrow, Head of Traffic Acquisition

Alice McMorrow

Head of Traffic Acquisition

Alice is responsible for making sure those in need of our products, services and advice are always able to find them.

Dennis Lehmann, Paid Traffic Marketer

Dennis Lehmann

Paid Traffic Marketer

Dennis works with Alice to make sure the right people find the right support from us.