Volcano Aromatherapy Humidifier


Dry skin? Irritated sinuses and throat? Itchy eyes?

If you have dry air in your home, it can create a whole series of problems just like these.

And over time, exposure to low humidity can increase your risk of colds, the flu, and other infections.

However, humidifiers can provide you with relief from the effects of dry air…


How can a humidifier help you?

This little volcano provides an ‘eruption’ of mist, using ‘dust-free’ evaporative technology to...

-          Help you fight against colds, asthma and allergies, keeping you feeling your best

-          Reduce dry skin, providing you with relief from the irritation it causes

-          Create a soothing environment to help you relax, by adding water soluble essential oils

And you can even use it throughout the night and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, as the volcano doesn’t create any noise.


-          Evaporative technology to introduce moisture into the air

-          Subtle LED illumination provides colour changing ‘mist’

-          Can be used for aromatherapy

-          Energy efficient running with a 2-hour automatic shutoff

Technical Information
  • Includes USB charging cable
  • Please note, a plug is not included
  • 2-hour automatic shutoff
Delivery & Installation


This product is very easy to install using the simple instructions provided.

Don’t worry if you get stuck, as we’re just a phone call away! Give us a call on 0800 246 1939 and we’ll help you to get set up.


Standard delivery is £4.50 inc. VAT (£3.75 ex. VAT) and will arrive within 3-5 working days, if you are within the UK.


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£34.99 Inc. VAT

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Warranty: 12 months

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