Fall-Safe® Hip Protectors (self-adhesive) (2 Pack)


Give your hips 24/7 protection from the impact of a fall, with the Fall-Safe Hip Protectors® and Pants…

These specially-designed hip protectors harden on impact, giving your hips ultimate protection.

Ideal for anyone who is at risk from falls, whether due to osteoporosis, dizziness, conditions such as Parkinsons, dementia or side-effect of medication.

  • Soft, flexible and cool, making them comfortable to wear
  • Slim profile makes the protectors barely noticeable under clothing, so you don’t feel self-conscious
  • Peace of mind that your hips will be protected when you have a fall
  • Chose your level of protection with either the 13mm or 18mm protector pads


How do the hip protectors benefit you?
  • Protect your hips from damage and fractures
  • NHS England provide guidance that ‘Hip protectors can be used to reduce the impact of a fall, and are particularly useful for preventing hip fractures in older people.’ which you can read on their website here 
  • Adapts to your lifestyle – you’ll quickly forget you are wearing these and no one else will notice either
  • Washable, so you can use them again and again


How Do I wear them?

The pads are fixed to your skin with adhesive film. They can be easily removed from your skin and reapplied with the same film for 10 – 14 days. After this, you will need to apply a new layer of adhesive film.

Instructions are provided on the films and the pads can be worn continuously even while showering (but not in the bath).

Each pack contains 2 hip protection pads and 12 self-adhesive films.

Technical Information
  • Absorbs around 80% of the impact of a fall
  • The pads come in 13mm or 18mm versions
  • Fall-Safe hip protector pads are 18cm long and 14cm wide and weigh c.100gms
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Q: I have a question that's not answered below. What should I do?

A: If you have a question, please click here to get in touch. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Q: Are the self-adhesive films easy to apply?

A: Yes, clear instructions are provided on the back of each film, as shown in the photograph.

Q: How long will the pads last?        

A: Approximately 3 years with normal use.

Q: How are they cleaned?

A: Washed under a tap with washing-up liquid, or wiped down with an alcoholic wipe, or put in the wash at <65˚C.

Q: How long will a pair of adhesive films last?

A: Generally, from 10-14 days, though some people will want to change them earlier as skin types differ. Human skin renews itself every 14 days.

Q: Are the adhesive film and pads non-toxic?

A: Yes, they have passed all the standard tests and been certified non-toxic. 

Q: Are they widely used in care homes?

A: Yes, they are used daily in scores of care homes as well as in hospitals and by people living in the community.

Q: Why are they claimed to be so effective?

A: Because the special reactive material hardens within 1 millisecond of impact to absorb the blow across the entire pad, and then immediately relaxes to its former soft and flexible state.

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Warranty: 12 months

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Comfortable and not noticeable

I am wearing the hip protectors while recuperating from a fall - with the prognosis of a month on crutches. They are very, very comfortable and not noticeable under my track suit. Wearing the pants with the protectors gives me the confidence to do more on crutches and I am hoping that this this will accelerate my re-habilitation.

Review by Geoffrey

Good quality

Good quality underpants. Protectors large and of good quality. So handy to be able to transfer protectos as some other makes are stitched In. Very pleased

Review by Anonymous

Very good quality

The protectors are very good quality, still soft after many nursing home washes. far superior to others used In the past. the Idea of the removable pads Is simple but brilliant. will definitely use again

Review by Anon

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