Calming & Relaxation

Calming & Relaxation

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  • Vibrating Snake New

    Vibrating Snake

    Very popular battery-operated flexible vibrating snake.

    £22.74 Inc. VAT
  • Flip Fish New

    Flip Fish

    With crinkly scales, shatterproof mirror, squeaker tail, hidden pictures, washable fabrics, bold facial features, soft teethers - this fish is a cuddly multi sensory wonder pet!

    £23.99 Inc. VAT
  • Neck Massager New

    Neck Massager

    Fits snugly and delivers a vibrating massage.

    £13.50 Inc. VAT
  • Atom Ball New

    Atom Ball

    A thoroughly wiggly, jiggly ball with 18 legs and electric colours.

    £3.59 Inc. VAT
  • Nest Swing New

    Nest Swing

    Enjoy all the fun of the park in your own back garden with this nest swing.

    £98.40 Inc. VAT
  • Weighty Snakey New

    Weighty Snakey

    Especially designed for anyone who needs help focusing, weighted toys such as Weighty Snaky provide steady pressure and are ideal for those with sensory processing issues.

    £58.80 Inc. VAT
  • Weighted Scarf New

    Weighted Scarf

    If your child exhibits restlessness, excessive energy and has a hard time concentrating on tasks, a weighted scarf is what you need.

    £59.94 Inc. VAT £49.95 Ex. VAT
  • Light Up Maracas New

    Light Up Maracas

    Shake and glow to the music! Super bright LED colours that brighten and then fade to the music.

    £3.59 Inc. VAT
  • Koosh Ball New

    Koosh Ball

    Popular Tactile Ball, easy to catch, interesting to hold.

    £4.79 Inc. VAT
  • Tactile Bag New

    Tactile Bag

    A set of 20 squares of material with different textures packed in a drawstring cotton bag.

    £18.30 Inc. VAT
  • Sensory Pillow Set New

    Sensory Pillow Set

    One foam insert and 5 different tactile skins.

    £54.00 Inc. VAT

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11 Item(s)