Canary Care Monitoring Service


The Canary Care Monitoring Service is required alongside the Canary Care System to maintain monitoring connectivity and covers the cost of internet connectivity, text messages and data storage for the system.

Canary is a monitoring and alert system that provides round the clock reassurance to family members whilst allowing the older or vulnerable person, such as a young adult with special needs, to stay in the home they love.

It uses discreet sensors that are placed around the home to monitor movement, temperature and visitors to check that everything is as it should be.

The Canary Service allows family members or friends to monitor their loved ones via a webpage on a mobile, tablet or laptop. For example, it can tell you:

  • if they have visited the kitchen

  • if their house is warm enough (but not too warm)

  • whether they have got up and gone to bed as usual

If anything out of the ordinary does occur, the Canary Monitoring Service will send a text or email to a member of the family or a friend so that they can check that everything is ok.

It can also tell you if a visitor (domestic, personal care or meal delivery) has called at the expected time using the Canary Visitor Card which means visits can be easily monitored. If a care visit or meal delivery is missed an alert will be immediately sent to a member of the family or a friend.

Canary is a simply brilliant way to help older and vulnerable people continue to live in their own homes for longer, and is very cost-effective compared to the usual alternative of paying carers to visit.

This is an annual service plan.

The Canary Care System must be purchased separately to this Canary Monitoring Service.

Technical Information

This is a service charge product, so no technical specification is available.

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I live quite far away from my mother so it's great peace of mind

Also living around 100 miles from my mothers home canary has brought peace of mind. I have now been using the system for several weeks and it is very good letting me know where Mum spends most of her time and even giving heat temperatures and light use. I have also travelled abroad since installing the system and have been able to monitor while travelling. Canary was also very easy to install, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. You don’t have to be an engineer to install it. In addition to this, to date the customer service we have received from has been of the highest standard.

Review by Mark Andrews

We can make sure the house isn't too hot or too cold

Already the information from Canary is great as we can tell the room is 26.5 degrees. I have asked the social worker to add to the care plan to leave drinks out for the client in case she forgets and becomes dehydrated in the heat.

Review by Occupational Therapist in London

Allows me to keep an eye on mum

I have to say we already love Canary Care. It gives us peace of mind without being intrusive for my Mum. We’ve had lots of laughs about telling her what time she went to bed and I think she feels reassured knowing that we get a message if she isn’t up or the temperature drops etc. Having set up lots of gadgets I have to say this one was one of the easiest things to install too – great for someone who doesn’t do instructions like me. It’s great that my sister can log in and see what is happening also and it’s given us a better insight into what Mum is doing on a daily basis and highlighted the fact that she is struggling with meals in the evening, as we suspected for some time. I would highly recommend Canary Care. I am on the board of my local NHS Trust and tomorrow we are doing a session on Dementia so I will be bringing this up and will also be highlighting it to the National Dementia Action Group I am on as well.

Review by Melanie N from Ivergordon

So simple to set up and use

The Canary set up was absolutely trouble free, so trouble free I felt I had done something wrong. The instructions are really easy to follow too.

Review by Lisa from Cornwall

Don't know what I'd do without it

Having this system in place is just a Godsend. I couldn’t live without it now.

Review by Jill from Northern Ireland

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The expert's opinion

By Anava Baruch

MD, Design for Independence Ltd.

Expert rating 5

This system is an excellent way for people who are worried about vulnerable loved-ones to be alerted to any unusual activity in their loved-one’s home. 


What I liked about the device: 

  • A carer can monitor their loved-one’s when they cannot physically be with them, and they can be alerted to unusual activity or dangerous situations via text and email messages. The carer can also log onto the website at any time to look at the data picked up by the sensors. 
  • There are 2 different types of sensor – room and door – and these are discreet and very easy to apply. 
  • The visitor cards let you know when carers (or cleaners etc) have been and for how long they have stayed. 
  • The information obtained by the system can support you when you consider having carers at home. The system will provide information about your loved – one’s routines, making it easier to decide when the carers should visit and for how long. 


Things to watch out for: 

  • Your loved one may feel they are being spied on and refuse to let you put it in their house. 
  • You might want to check how it works in your own house first before installing it in your loved-one’s house, the information you receive can be overwhelming to some extent. 
  • Some people struggle with knowing / deciding what information they would like to be alerted to, it might not be so straight forward. You might find you require further advice. 
  • Some people struggle with reading graph charts and therefore we recommend seeking further advice when setting the system’s alerts. 
  • You can’t select different people to be different contacts on different days or at different times, and the person who ‘owns’ the account always receives the alerts even if they don’t want to be part of the ‘Calling Circle’ – especially if they are abroad on holiday. 
  • The instructions do not tell you to make a note of the number on the sensor before you stick it on your wall – if you do not you’ll then need to take it down again to get the number as you need this to log onto Canary’s website.


Design/Ease of Use: 

  • The instruction book is clear and the website easy to navigate. 
  • The sensors are discreet, light, and very easy to apply and remove; however they may fall off if attached to dirty surfaces or near heat. 
  • The hub is small and discreet. 
  • Room sensors, door sensors and visitors cards are available


Functions Available 

  • Using the web portal you can set up alerts to let you know about various conditions/ activities (e.g the back door was opened during the night, bedroom temperature is below 5 degrees). Once the conditions meet the alert settings a text message and email will be sent to your mobile phone. There is a wide selection to choose from (temperature, movement in a room, doors/windows being left open, visitor patterns etc). You can set up as many alerts as you want. 
  • The data collected by the sensor is presented in charts and data logs on your personal web page, you can therefore see patterns emerge quickly but also get a fully-detailed picture of events (e.g. how many times mum woke up at night and went to the toilet, how often your dad is awake during the night, did they remember to go to bed or they slept in the living room. This could help you assess additional care needs.
  • The hub has a back-up battery that lasts for 4 hours in the event of a power failure. 
  • The batteries in the sensors last for a year and replacements cost around £2 from your local store (you can also buy rechargeable ones). 
  • There is an excellent customer helpline at the end of the phone. 
  • You are sent an alert when the sensor stops working for whatever reason, and when the batteries in the sensor are low. 


Value for Money     

  • The kit cost £348, plus an annual monitoring fee of £180, it could allow your loved-one to stay at home longer without full-time care, assist you with defining how much care they need at home which potentially can save you a lot more. 
  • The kit includes: the hub, website, 4 room sensors, 1 visitor card and 2 door sensors.
  • You can easily customise the system to your needs by buying extra sensors available upon request from

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