Canary Care Discreet Activity Monitoring System


Do you worry about how your loved one is, when you can’t be with them?

Now you can keep an eye on them, without even having to be there…

  • Receive alerts to your phone if something out of the ordinary happens, so you can check they’re okay
  • No cameras or microphones, so your loved one doesn’t feel like they’re being monitored
  • Place the sensors wherever you need, to meet your loved one’s individual needs

Canary, a discreet activity monitoring system, can help you keep a gentle eye on those you care for, notifying you via text or email if something out of the ordinary happens in their home.


How does Canary benefit you both?

  • Helps your loved one to maintain their independence, whilst still knowing that help will always be at hand
  • You’ll receive alerts if they’ve left the property, if they have received a carer or friend visit and whether the temperature is at a comfortable level throughout the home, so you’ll always know how they are
  • Easy to set up, with no professional help required – no hassle for you
  • Canary can show you when doors are opened and closed, as well as notify you if a door has been left opened for longer than you might expect – this could alert you to potential wandering
  • Show if a carer has arrived at the home as expected, avoiding unnecessary disputes over delivery of care
  • Confirm that they are actually managing better than you thought, giving you peace of mind
  • Indicate if there has been decreased activity in the kitchen at times you would normally expect activity – so you know to check they are eating and drinking properly
  • Show that the temperature is at a safe and comfortable level throughout the winter and summer months


How does it work?

Canary uses six sensors, including two door sensors, to monitor movement and temperature within your loved one’s home, so you know you’ll be alerted if there’s a problem.

There are no cameras or microphones, but Canary provides enough information to tell you that they are moving about as you would expect.

You can choose which areas of their home you most want visibility of and you’ll also receive a temperature reading for each of these rooms.

Attach the wireless sensors to the wall using contact strips provided and they can be easily removed without leaving any marks.

Visitor cards are held against the hub to record visitors entering or leaving the property, for that added reassurance.

All of this information is relayed to your mobile, tablet or laptop so you can see if everything is as it should be – you tell the system to look out for specific issues or events around the home and it takes care of it.


Why do you need a subscription?

Canary works by using the mobile phone network so, just as a mobile phone requires a contract, an annual service plan must be purchased separately to maintain monitoring connectivity.

This means that you do not need an existing internet connection in the home, which is ideal if you are looking after an elderly relative who doesn’t have one.

The system is very cost-effective when compared to the usual option of paying carers to visit the home. 


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  • Check for routine
  • Monitor temperature levels
  • See if visitors or carers have been
  • Receive instant notifications to your mobile and email
Technical Information

Canary is a monitoring and alert system that provides round the clock reassurance to family members whilst allowing the older or vulnerable person to stay in the home they love.

Kit Contents: Hub, 6 sensors, visitor card, power supply, batteries, contact strips to fit sensors

  • CE Compliant
  • Hub Power Source: Mains Plugtop Adapter, input 100v-240v (supplied)
  • Hub Backup Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with 3 hours backup time
  • Sensor Power Source: CR123A battery (supplied and replaceable)
  • Hub-Sensor Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Dual band GSM module
  • GSM Band: 900/1800Mhz
  • SIM Card: Embedded SIM (provided)
  • Operating temperature: 0C to +40C
  • Relative Humidity: 10-90%, without condensation
Delivery & Installation


Standard UK delivery is £4.50 inc. VAT (£3.75 ex. VAT). We work very hard to deliver your order promptly and will aim to deliver all items within 3 working days, if you are within the UK.

Delays do sometimes occur due to unforeseen circumstances, so if for some reason your parcel hasn't arrived within 7 working days, please contact us via email on [email protected].


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This product does not require installation.


Q: I have a question that's not answered below. What should I do?

A: If you have a question, please click here to get in touch. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Q: How do the sensors work?

A: Individual wireless sensors are triggered as a person moves around their home. The information from these sensors is sent automatically, via the hub, to the team at Canary. It is automatically checked against the rules you created to determine whether you should be sent a notification.

The sensors detect movement in the same way that most burglar alarms do, by using passive infra-red technology. There are also temperature and light sensors within each unit to give you more information about the home environment.

Q: How do I install Canary?

A: Canary has been designed to be very easy to install without any need for professional help. It will be ready to work from the moment it arrives. The sensors are wireless and can be stuck on the wall using adhesive strips provided with your system.

Q: Does the person I care for need WiFi, a landline or a mobile?

A: No, Canary has its own built-in mobile connection so you do not need a phone line or broadband connection. To receive notifications you will need access to email and/or a mobile phone. To access your account you will need access to the internet.

Q: How many sensors do I get with the system?

A: You will receive six sensors with your Canary system that are placed around the home to monitor movement, temperature and visitors to check that everything is as it should be. 

Q: In what situations has Canary been used?

A: Canary has been used in a variety of settings including: caring for a person with dementia, who may be going outside during the night; a person with a brain injury to offer prompting and reassurance to leave his property; a person who has been losing weight and getting more confused; a person at risk of falling, already with a pendant alarm in use. The use of Canary has also highlighted unexpected events such as increased use of the toilet, continually high temperatures within the home and access and use of cupboards and fridges in the kitchen.

Q: What do people say about Canary?

A: "I have to say we already love Canary Care. It gives us peace of mind without being intrusive for my Mum. We’ve had lots of laughs about telling her what time she went to bed and I think she feels reassured knowing that we get a message if she isn’t up or the temperature drops etc.

Having set up lots of gadgets I have to say this one was one of the easiest things to install too – great for someone who doesn’t do instructions like me.

It’s great that my sister can log in and see what is happening also and it’s given us a better insight into what Mum is doing on a daily basis and highlighted the fact that she is struggling with meals in the evening, as we suspected for some time.

I would highly recommend Canary Care. I am on the board of my local NHS Trust and tomorrow we are doing a session on Dementia so I will be bringing this up and will also be highlighting it to the National Dementia Action Group I am on as well".

Melanie N, Ivergordon

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Warranty: 12 months

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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and your company.

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and your company. You were very understanding when the payments hadn't gone through due to changing the Power of Attorney on mums account. We had a lot on our plates and you made it that much easier.
We were very happy with the Canary system, it was invaluable when mum was living on her own. The Canary system probably kept mum in her own home for an additional 18 months.
The Canary would notify me by text if mum's front door had been used and there had been no movement in the house for 5 minutes, so I knew that mum had left her house and I could then keep track of where she was going with her tracker. (Luckily she never went anywhere without her handbag, in the early days of her dementia).
Canary was especially useful to check that mum had gone to day care, sometimes her carer wouldn't be able to persuade mum to go in the taxi. I could check on system that mums carer had arrived and that mum had left the house. I felt a sense of relief when I checked Canary each morning and the front door had been closed, and there was no movement in the house, knowing that mum was on her way to day care and safe. I wouldn't have had that peace of mind without it.”

Review by Sam H.

The system was invaluable to us and gave us peace of mind

Mum is now in a care home but I believe this system allowed me to maintain her at home for much longer than I otherwise would have.
My mum had dementia and lived alone in a two storey house with a front and back door. Apart from home care there were only myself and my husband caring for her. We had sensors on both doors, one in the hallway and one in every room. Home carers visited four times a day for around half an hour each visit to assist with personal care, meal preparation and to give medication. We were able to see on the chart that visits were being made and on occasion when they were not. This was especially important at night when specific meds were given and to settle my mum for the night. On a couple of occasions visits were not made, for varying reasons, but we would not have been aware of this if we did not have this installed.
We were also able to set up alerts where we were notified by text if the back or front doors were opened within certain hours and this alerted us to the fact that my mum had gone out in the middle of the night. We also set up a rule that if the sensor in the hallway was activated and no other sensor was activated within a certain time we would be notified in case she had fallen on the stairs.
The system was invaluable to us and gave us peace of mind that everything was ok when we were not able to be there as we both worked full time. I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone in similar circumstances, I could not have managed for so long with mum at home without it. A huge thank you from us!

Review by Fiona N.

I strongly recommend having the Canary Care.

My partner has Alzheimer's dementia. For anyone living with dementia, I strongly recommend having the canary care
system installed in their home. There is an alert if the person leaves their home when they shouldn't.
Having personal experience in using the system I found it a good investment to
When not at home yourself, you are able to see exactly which room the person
(with dementia) is in.
To monitor the situation, you can use a computer, laptop or I phone.
The staff at canary care are very friendly and helpful and explain how the system
It is easy to grasp after a couple of days trial and error everything worked

Review by James C.

It was great reassurance.

'I live a long way from my Dad, he was getting increasingly forgetful and wasn't great at recognising or dealing with problems or risks. Canary let me know that Dad was out of bed, and therefore not ill, and that he was in his routine. The alerts I put in place would also allow me to know if he had fallen and couldn't move. It was a great reassurance.'

Review by Jane L.

Enables my mother to be independent

This was definitely an important purchase, because it would enable my mother who has Alzheimers to keep a certain level of independence and remain in her home. I wanted a monitoring system that would allow me easy access at any time of day and be helpful in the information it transmitted and recorded.

The Canary system was the right package and I even added extra sensors by calling up Alice in Customer Service.

Nothing was too much bother. She was very helpful and ensured that my special order was made up and dispatched in record time.

Review by Mark Andrews

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The expert's opinion

By Anava Baruch

MD, Design for Independence Ltd.

Expert rating 5

This system is an excellent way for people who are worried about vulnerable loved-ones to be alerted to any unusual activity in their loved-one’s home. 


What I liked about the device: 

  • A carer can monitor their loved-one’s when they cannot physically be with them, and they can be alerted to unusual activity or dangerous situations via text and email messages. The carer can also log onto the website at any time to look at the data picked up by the sensors. 
  • There are 2 different types of sensor – room and door – and these are discreet and very easy to apply. 
  • The visitor cards let you know when carers (or cleaners etc) have been and for how long they have stayed. 
  • The information obtained by the system can support you when you consider having carers at home. The system will provide information about your loved – one’s routines, making it easier to decide when the carers should visit and for how long. 


Things to watch out for: 

  • Your loved one may feel they are being spied on and refuse to let you put it in their house. 
  • You might want to check how it works in your own house first before installing it in your loved-one’s house, the information you receive can be overwhelming to some extent. 
  • Some people struggle with knowing / deciding what information they would like to be alerted to, it might not be so straight forward. You might find you require further advice. 
  • Some people struggle with reading graph charts and therefore we recommend seeking further advice when setting the system’s alerts. 
  • You can’t select different people to be different contacts on different days or at different times, and the person who ‘owns’ the account always receives the alerts even if they don’t want to be part of the ‘Calling Circle’ – especially if they are abroad on holiday. 
  • The instructions do not tell you to make a note of the number on the sensor before you stick it on your wall – if you do not you’ll then need to take it down again to get the number as you need this to log onto Canary’s website.


Design/Ease of Use: 

  • The instruction book is clear and the website easy to navigate. 
  • The sensors are discreet, light, and very easy to apply and remove; however they may fall off if attached to dirty surfaces or near heat. 
  • The hub is small and discreet. 
  • Room sensors, door sensors and visitors cards are available


Functions Available 

  • Using the web portal you can set up alerts to let you know about various conditions/ activities (e.g the back door was opened during the night, bedroom temperature is below 5 degrees). Once the conditions meet the alert settings a text message and email will be sent to your mobile phone. There is a wide selection to choose from (temperature, movement in a room, doors/windows being left open, visitor patterns etc). You can set up as many alerts as you want. 
  • The data collected by the sensor is presented in charts and data logs on your personal web page, you can therefore see patterns emerge quickly but also get a fully-detailed picture of events (e.g. how many times mum woke up at night and went to the toilet, how often your dad is awake during the night, did they remember to go to bed or they slept in the living room. This could help you assess additional care needs.
  • The hub has a back-up battery that lasts for 4 hours in the event of a power failure. 
  • The batteries in the sensors last for a year and replacements cost around £2 from your local store (you can also buy rechargeable ones). 
  • There is an excellent customer helpline at the end of the phone. 
  • You are sent an alert when the sensor stops working for whatever reason, and when the batteries in the sensor are low. 


Value for Money     

  • The kit cost £348, plus an annual monitoring fee of £180, it could allow your loved-one to stay at home longer without full-time care, assist you with defining how much care they need at home which potentially can save you a lot more. 
  • The kit includes: the hub, website, 4 room sensors, 1 visitor card and 2 door sensors.
  • You can easily customise the system to your needs by buying extra sensors available upon request from

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