3rings Discreet Safety Monitoring Plug


When your elderly relative lives alone, it’s natural for you to worry about how they’re doing.

But now you don’t have to worry, thanks to the 3Rings Plug…

  • Receive alerts to your phone if your loved one isn’t active, so you can immediately check on them
  • Receive comfort messages letting you know that they’re okay, for your peace of mind
  • Define the times you want the plug to ‘listen’ for activity, so you can tailor it to your loved one’s daily routine


How does the 3Rings Plug benefit your loved one?

  • They can keep their independence, whilst having the peace of mind that help will be at hand
  • The plug is discreet, so they don’t feel like they’re being monitored
  • Easily works into their daily routine, so they don’t have to do anything other than switch on and use the appliance as normal


How does it work?

Simply plug a commonly used device into 3Rings, such as a kettle or TV, and then use the free smartphone app or login to the online portal to set when you want the plug to ‘listen’ out for your loved one.

For example, check that mum makes her morning cup of tea between 9am and 11am.

If no activity is detected, you’ll receive an alert directly to your phone, tablet or computer, so that you can check up on Mum.

You can also set up comfort messages, for extra peace of mind. These messages will let you know when the device that the 3Rings is plugged into is switched on, so you’re reassured that your loved one is up and about.


Why do you need a subscription?

The 3Rings Plug uses the mobile network to operate so, just as a mobile phone requires a contract, the plug needs the subscription to ensure all of its alerts can be sent. This covers the costs of all your notifications across the selected period. Please make your selection using the dropdown menu. 

A roaming SIM which connects to best available network in the UK is built-in to the device, so you don’t need to worry about setting that up.

Please note that the plug needs a reasonable mobile signal to operate. So if you cannot make a call on your mobile from your loved one’s home, then the plug may not work.


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  • Plug and play - activate and connect in minutes
  • No broadband or WiFi needed
  • Free smartphone app for Apple and Android
  • Online Portal
  • Real-time alerts and reassuring updates 
Technical Information
  • Weight: 215g
  • Height: 142mm
  • Width: 79mm
  • Depth: 79mm
  • Mains Powered
  • Max Load 13 A
  • Max Appliance consumption 3kW
Delivery & Installation


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Delays do sometimes occur due to unforeseen circumstances, so if for some reason your parcel hasn't arrived within 7 working days, please contact us via email on [email protected].


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This product does not require installation.


Q: I have a question that's not answered below. What should I do?

A: If you have a question, please click here to get in touch. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Q: Can alerts be received by text on an old fashioned phone or do I have to have a smartphone?

A: The smartphone app for 3rings is very helpful but you do not need a smartphone. You can choose to have 3rings notify you — and optionally any family & friends you add to your account — with a standard text message or a phone call to a standard old fashioned mobile phone or calls to a normal phone.

However, in order to take responsibility for an alert and resolve it, you can either log on to the online portal or use the handy smartphone app.

Q: Can I have more than one plug?

A: Yes you can. When you have more than one plug in a household then activity from either plug will be taken as a reassuring sign that your loved one is ok.

For example, let's say you have two plugs, one for the kettle and one of the TV, and you set up an event asking 'Is mum up from 6am to 10am?'.  If either the kettle or TV are turned on during this period of time, then you will get a reassurance message. If neither are turned on then you will get an alert.

Alternatively you can have multiple plugs in multiple households.  In this situation events apply to the household only so you will get separate alerts or messages from you parents and your in-laws for example.

Q: Can I set up multiple Family and Friends to know Mum/Dad is OK?

A: Yes, but at the moment that can only be done by logging into your account from the 3rings online portal and not the app.

You can invite Family & Friends from the My Households -> Household details -> Family & Friends > Manage

Q: Why do I need a subscription?

A: The 3rings plug works by using mobile data so a 12 month or 24 month service plan must be included to maintain monitoring connectivity. This covers the cost of all your notifications across the selected period. Please make your selection using the dropdown menu. 

Q: Which mobile network does the plug connect to?

A: A roaming SIM which connects to the best available network in the UK. This is provided with the 3rings Plug.

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£183.00 Inc. VAT £152.50 Ex. VAT

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Very good product-well designed for its purpose

Pre and post sales support excellent. Of the unit itself-easy to set up and offers a layer of security other systems lack. Well pleased

Review by Sunny Eastbourne

Excellent product

Very pleased with this product, does exactly as it says and gives us peace of mind that everything is ok at mums house

Review by John H

I like this but charge per item is a problem

Service charge per plug a disincentive to multiple purchases

Review by Ed Whittaker

Superb idea

A bit child-like, not adult-looking enough but great idea.

Review by Heather from Cheshire

Average 4.75 from 0 - 5

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