Synapptic Software Smartphone and Tablet Accessibility for the Visually Impaired


Do you have sight loss and just want one device to help you with your everyday tasks? Do you want the freedom to manage tasks yourself, even if your sight changes?

Synapptic Software is an award-winning, all-in-one package for people with sight loss, that works on Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Synapptic is ideal if:

  • You’re blind or partially sighted
  • You’re a novice when it comes to technology, or lack the confidence to give it a try (It is mainly used by people in these categories rather than people who are confused by technology)
  • You find it difficult to use accessibility on other devices.

So what are the benefits of using Synapptic software?

Keeping it simple…

  • An all-in-one package, so there’s no need for separate devices
  • Ready-to-use straight out-of-the-box
  • Includes human-sounding speech and magnification on every screen, so it’s suitable for any level of sight loss and can evolve with you if your sight changes.


Finding your way around easily…

  • Simple, clear menus, with bold icons make products intuitive to use, even if you’re new to technology or lack confidence
  • The Touch and Release feature means you can simply slide your finger up and down each menu option and release it on the option you want to use
  • Voice recognition if ever you need to type text or you’re not confident at using a keyboard.

Giving you freedom to manage everyday tasks yourself…

  • An in-built digital magnifier makes it easy to magnify menus, timetables or food labels when you're out and about
  • An in-built Reading Machine means you can photograph and read any written text, which you can then translate into speech, or save as a document to be read or spoken out later
  • Control your device with just your voice - select menus, dial numbers, write text messages, compose emails and lots more – to complete tasks quickly and easily
  • Smart yet simple internet browsing makes it easy to do online shopping, banking, or access any information at your fingertips.

Open up communication with friends and family…   

  • One address book for all your contacts: keep telephone numbers, email, Skype and postal addresses in one place
  • Easy access to social media means you can stay connected with friends and family
  • Share photos using our talking camera and attach photos to emails at the touch of a button.

Experience a world of entertainment…

  • Listen to a massive range of national and international internet radio stations and music tracks or books you’ve saved
  • Watch Freeview Digital TV Channels  or catch up with BBC iPlayer (and selected audio described programmes).


Some key features include:

  • Adjustable magnification and colours on all screens, together with speech output
  • Touch and Release touchscreen menus and voice control/voice recognition makes navigation simple
  • In-built handheld Digital Magnifier and Reading Machine features
  • Web browser so you can surf the internet easily
  • Make and receive phone calls or send and receive text messages and emails on an Android Phone or SIM-enabled Tablet
  • Play music/book MP3s and listen to internet radio stations
  • Watch Freeview digital TV stations and access BBC iPlayer for TV and radio
  • Includes one hour of free telephone training, two years of free Software Updates and free lifetime UK-based technical support.
Technical Information
  • Requires a Smartphone running Android Version 4 or greater.
Delivery & Installation


Standard UK delivery is £4.50 inc. VAT (£3.75 ex. VAT). We work very hard to deliver your order promptly and will aim to deliver all items within 3 working days, if you are within the UK.

Delays do sometimes occur due to unforeseen circumstances, so if for some reason your parcel hasn't arrived within 7 working days, please contact us via email on [email protected].


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This product does not require installation.


Q: Is there a Trial Version of your product?

A: Yes there is a Trial Version, so that you can try out Synapptic software before you decide to buy it.

Q: What will I need before I can download your Trial Version?

A: If you want to try out the Trial Version, you’ll need an existing Smartphone or Tablet, running Android Version 4 or greater. When we send you your Trial Version, we’ll also send you an Activation Code and instructions on how to download it onto your device.

Q: Will the Trial Version run out?

A: Yes, the Trial Version will stop working on your device after 14 days from the date you receive it. If you want to continue using Synapptic, you’ll need to place an order with us. We’ll send you a new Activation Code, which you’ll be asked to enter into your existing device. This should then re-activate your Synapptic software, so that you can continue enjoying all the features you have grown to love!

Q: Will I need an internet connection to use some features?

A: An Internet connection is required to use several Synapptic features, such as Digital TV, BBC iPlayer, Web Browser, Emails, Where Am I, RSS News Feeds, Reading Machine, etc. This can be either through your home Wifi connection or through mobile data on your phone (or a SIM-enabled tablet).

Q: Can I change the way the Main Menu is displayed?

A: The Synapptic Main Menu has two display settings - it can be shown as a grid or as a list. When displayed as a grid, all Main Menu options are shown on one screen and makes selecting any Synapptic feature even quicker!

Q: Can I use other Android apps on my Synapptic phone?

A: Yes. Synapptic includes an App Launcher feature, which allows any installed App to be opened on your phone. If you need voice feedback to navigate the App, Synapptic enables you to easily turn this on by triple tapping the Home Key, once you’ve launched the App.

Q: Will I be able to return my order?

A: If you decide that you wish to cancel your order, you can return it to us within 30 days from the date of delivery and we will give you a full refund, excluding postage costs. Refunds will then be paid within 30 days from the date you cancelled your order.

Q: Are there any guarantees with your products?

A: Yes. All our Smartphones come with a one-year Hardware Warranty, so if you have a problem, you can return it to us and we’ll either repair or replace it, free of charge.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Q: Do I receive technical support if I order your products?

A: All our products come with free lifetime UK-based technical support, so that if ever you’re stuck, you can get in touch free-of-charge.

Q: How do I book my one-hour training session?

A: When you place your order with us, let us know you want some training and we’ll automatically pass your details to one of our trainers. They will then be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time and date for when you would like your training to take place. Training will be delivered via a landline telephone call.  

Q: Will I get free updates to the software?

A: Each copy of Synapptic purchased includes two years of free Software Updates, so you can benefit from all the latest features Synapptic has to offer. When this expires, further updates can be purchased at just £50 for another two years. (One purchase covers all your Synapptic devices.)

Our updates also include free software transfers from one device to another, so upgrading your device or recovering from a lost device is always simple.

Q: What if I want to use Synapptic on two devices?

A: If you own two devices, such as a Smartphone and a Tablet, you may want to use Synapptic on both. To do this, you’ll need to buy an additional licence.

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Warranty: 12 months

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