WIFIPLUG Remote ON/OFF Power Control from SmartPhone


Regain control of your energy bills and enhance access to your appliances at home

The WIFIPLUG POWER is a clever plug that you can use with all your lights, heaters, electricals and appliances.

Turn them on or off using the free smartphone app, even when you’re out, providing you with enhanced access to you or your loved one’s home.

You can even set the WIFIPLUG to automatically turn on when you enter a specific GPS location. This means that the heating could be on or the kettle boiled by the time you get home.

You can set it to turn on lamps at specific times of the day, each day, in addition to many other helpful functions which can increase the security of your home.

However, one of the best features of the WIFIPLUG is the ability for you to keep an eye on your energy consumption providing you with the ability to save a significant amount of money. You can view live energy consumption, displaying Amps, Voltage & Wattage Data and also the energy cost. This means you can become more savvy with your energy bill and as they say if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.

WIFIPLUG also has IFTTT Functionality which sounds a bit techy but actually it means that you can set your appliances to be turned on and off in all kinds of clever ways at different times. This could be turning on the lights when the sunsets or turning on the heating when the temperature drops below a certain level. Click here to find out more.

The WIFIPLUG uses wireless communications like your ordinary home Wi-Fi network to communicate online so no additional hardware needed. If you're not at home, you will need a data connection E/GPRS/3G/4G or Wi-Fi to control your WIFIPLUG from anywhere in the World.


  • Control yours or your loved one’s lightning, heating and appliances with your smartphone or tablet
  • Set your appliances to automatically turn on when you’re nearly home
  • Set your lamps to turn on at specific times of the day
  • Keep an eye on your energy consumption and save money
Technical Information
  • Type: Wi-Fi Smart Plug Energy
  • Color: White & Green
  • Size: š50mm*60mm*30mm (World's Smallest Smart Plug)
  • Current: šMaximum 13A
  • Voltage: AC 110-250V
  • Power limit: 3000W (3KW) Consumption: 0.33w (standby)
  • Frequency range: š2.412-2.484Ghz
  • Wireless standards: šIEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • Work environment: Temperature -20 – 70
  • Humidity: š10%-95%
  • Manual Switch: ON/OFF control & ENERGY MONITORING
  • Steps: App> Cloud > Router > WiFiPlug > Router > Cloud > App
Delivery & Installation


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Q: I have a question that's not answered below. What should I do?

A: If you have a question, please click here to get in touch. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Q: How does the WIFIPLUG Power work?

A: WIFIPLUG Power is operated through a Wi-Fi connection and is controlled by Android app.

Q: What can the WIFIPLUG Power control? 

A: Any electrical equipment plugged into the WIFIPLUG Power can be switched on/off remotely or set on a timer. 

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I love every aspect of this app. Keep up the great work.

Review by Carl_1337

Works great

Love app that let you control your home from your home!

Review by cw86

Future tech

Great app, very easy to use. Especially liked the help section with tiles I can swipe. Great to use in my home.

Review by BrightBulb88

Really strong improvements

Firstly touch ID is a genius idea for this app! Controlling my lights is a breeze! I especially like the sound option so now you can hear the plug switch on/off. Other cool features are Boost, I finally realise what this is now! Keep it up!

Review by PixelBit Apps Ltd

Easy way to make your home a smart home

Really nice interface and simple to use, love being able to control my connected home through the app. The IFTTT integration is gold for more complex use cases, you can definitely get crafty with turning certain devices on/off based on all kinds of criteria!

Review by Captain sparow

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