Doro RingPlus Loud and Visual Bell Repeater


Do you struggle to hear the doorbell or telephone ringing? Do you worry about missing important phone calls because you can’t hear it ring?

With RingPlus there's no reason to ever miss a call. You can use both the loud amplifier and the high intensity strobe together, but don’t worry, you can also turn one or the other off.

RingPlus can get your attention with a bright strobe ringer that’s noticeable even when you’re not looking.

The Doro RingPlus is an easy solution for giving your home an additional ringer that can amplify sound to as high as 91dB (measured value at 1 metre), meaning that you never find you’ve missed a call again.

RingPlus is very convenient to have as it can be placed on any clear, even surface or even mounted onto the wall.

This product works by placing the microphone (included with the set) near your phone or doorbell, then when the phone or doorbell rings the sound signal will be picked up and amplified by the Ringplus. Simple and effective!

RingPlus is built to make your life easier and works well with most can be connected to mains power through the 2 metre long cable so that it can be positioned wherever is most convenient for you.

Although RingPlus is mostly used with telephones, it is also compatible with door entry systems to increase the volume of a doorbell.


  • Very loud ringer (up to 90dB - measured a metre away)
  • Additional strobe lighting alert
  • Adjustable volume for all levels of hearing
  • Easy to install
  • Works well with almost all landline telephones
Technical Information

Dimensions: 19.3cm x 18.5cm x 6.5 cm; 1 Kg

Batteries: 12V

Delivery & Installation


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This product does not require installation.


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Q: Will this product work with my phone?

A:  RingPlus is a universal accessory that can be used with just about any phone. All you need to do is to stick the microphone Pad supplied (about the size of a £2 coin) to the speaker of the base unit of your landline. It will pick up the vibrations and set the ringer off. The wire from microphone to the ringer is only about 3m long. 

£36.20 Inc. VAT

Product code: DRRINGPLUS

Availability: In stock

Warranty: 12 months

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