Lifemax Movement Sensor Night Light


A motion detecting light that can prevent falls and light the way during the night.

This fantastic motion sensor can detect movement in the dark and then automatically switches on a bright, warm yellow light.

The bulbs in this product are energy saving LEDs, which have a very low power usage and still have an extensive life.

With this movement sensor there is an option for either a mains adapter to plug the device directly into a power socket or to operate the device from battery power. This option of battery gives you the greater freedom to use the sensor wherever you choose including cupboards under the stairs, attic spaces, garages or sheds.

The Lifemax movement sensor night light boasts a range in the detection zone of up to 5 meters with a detection angle of anything up to 100 degrees. This large detection area makes the device perfect to work as a security device.

The device also switches itself off if there has been no subsequent movement for 1 minute.


  • Automatically turns on when movement is detected in the dark
  • Also turns off after 1 minute of no movement or if the area is well lit
  • Ideal for use in the home, workshop, office or garage and for many security applications
  • Manual on/off switch or automatic operation
  • Includes a wall fixing bracket or can be placed on a shelf, table or floor
  • Detection zone of up to 5 metres and 100 degrees
Technical Information

Dimesions: 11cm x 8cm x 4cm

Weight: 139 grams

Uses 4 x AA batteries or 6v 300mA mains adapter (not included)

Delivery & Installation


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This product does not require installation.


Q. I have a question that’s not answered below. What should I do?

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Q: How long will the light switch on for?

A: That light will be switched on for as long as movement is detected and turns off after 1 minute of no movement or if the area is well lit

Q: Can I fix it on the wall?

A: Yes. The product includes a wall fixing bracket. Alternaively it can be placed on a shelf, table or floor.

Q: What is the size of the area whereby movement can be detected?

A: Detection zone is up to 5 metres and 100 degrees.

£17.99 Inc. VAT

Product code: LX897

Availability: In stock

Warranty: 12 months

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