Call-to-mind game


Nominated as a “Dementia Care Awards Finalist”, Call to mind have developed in collaboration with University College London the worlds’ first dementia board game.

The Call-to-mind game is ideal for those living with dementia and their families. It’s been specially designed by experts, to help getting to know and understand the thinking, likes and dislikes of someone with dementia.

How can the game help?

  • Encourages memory retrieval and stimulates natural conversation
  • Combats boredom and agitation
  • Can reach incommunicative people
  • Easily tailored to an individuals abilities
  • Very helpful to younger people and volunteers who don’t know how to start communications with people with dementia
  • Findings can be added to a care plan
  • Easy to play, highly enjoyable and engaging game format
  • Works equally well with individuals, in larger groups or in a family setting


How to play

For 2-4 players, though can be played by more.

It’s really simple to play….

Just spin the spinner

Choose one of four coloured cards

Match to an image on the board and answer a question on past, present, active or creative.

The aim of the game is to collect one of each colour card. The question cards stimulate conversations between the players across a range of subjects and if a player does not wish to answer one of the questions, they can simply choose another card.

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Lots of laughter was had by all

Lots of laughter was had by all and it was a loveley way to while away an afternoon over a nice cuppa. Owing to its popularity and client feedback, "Call to Mind" will definitely be a regularly played board game at Safe Haven from now on.

Review by Fabio Delpoio- Safe Haven Dementia Centre

We all enjoy a game!

You can be 1-100+ we all enjoy a game. For me at 51, i relived past times I had forgotten. It even triggered a poem from Dad from his youth... I went home and played it and cried! Thank you for your foresight!

Review by Wendy Braid- Father has Subdural Haematoma

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