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Finding activities for you and your loved one to do together can be difficult, especially as their dementia progresses.

However, playing a game like bingo can be a great way to pass the time and encourage conversation.

And as traditional bingo can become too difficult as your loved one’s dementia progresses, Active Minds created Animal Bingo…


How do you play?

Up to 12 players have a card with images of animals on, so it can be played with all of the family.

The bingo caller plays a CD of the animal sounds on shuffle and shows an image of the animal as an extra prompt. Players who have the matching animal on their card simply place a counter on the image.

The first player to match 9 animals on their card and shout “BINGO!” wins 


Benefits for your loved one

  • Encourages communication and engagement between you and your loved one
  • Allows them to engage with the whole family, including younger relatives
  • Helps to reduce their boredom


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Technical Information
  • Authentic sounds
  • Large bingo cards
  • Up to 12 players
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Has provided enthusiastic reaction by staff and dementia sufferers at our local day centre

Review by Edmund

Very good

Very good product, it would be even better If you had a few other versions as playing just the one can get repetitive, its something that I would do in my care home probably once a month. If you ever created another one with new animal sounds then we would buy it for sure. The way it is packaged was also of very very good quality!

Review by Lewis

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