SafeMotion GPS Watch 12 months subscription


The SafeMotion Subscription is mandatory and is required to enable the functions of the SafeMotion device.

The subscription covers the costs of the SIM card inside the watch, data usage and 30 minutes of call time per month, as well as ongoing software updates. You must order this subscription at the same time as ordering the watch, and will be prompted to add this to your order in your shopping basket.

Location tracking via your mobile or computer couldn’t be simpler with SafeMotion’s unique interface.

Tracking of multiple watches is supported, and permanent tracking with safe-zones can also be set up to send an immediate alert if the individual strays too far or goes somewhere they shouldn’t.


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  • Covers the ongoing costs of the SIM card inside the watch
  • All data charges for location updates, messages and reminders
  • Covers you for ongoing software updates to keep your watch up to date
  • Also includes 30 minutes per month of voice calls made from the watch
Delivery & Installation


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This service does not require installation.


Q: I have a question that’s not answered below. What should I do?

A: If you have a question, please click here to get in touch. We'll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Q: Can an alert be raised without mobile network?

A: No. The SafeMotion watch uses mobile networks to send alerts. An alert can only be send, when the watch has connection to a mobile network or a WLAN. The most reliable network connection can be achieved by choosing the 'all network' option when ordering SafeMotion. 'All networks' roams between different network providers and has nearly the same connectivity as the 'Emergency calls only' feature of your mobile phone.

Q: What SIM card does SafeMotion use?

A: The SafeMotion watch comes with an EU roaming SIM card provided. This SIM card will work throughout the UK and Europe and will use the strongest signal available to provide as much signal coverage as possible.

Q: Why do I need a subscription?

A: The subscription subscription is required to cover the costs of the SIM card inside the watch, all data usage and 30 minutes of emergency calls per month, as well as ongoing software updates. You will be prompted to add this to your order when you ‘add to basket’.

Q: What happens when an alert is raised without network reception or Wi-Fi connection?

A: The watch keeps trying to connect to the SafeMotion server. The Emergency Screen is shown and a ring tone can be heard until either a data connection can be established through the network and the alert is successfully received by the SafeMotion system, or the alert is cancelled with the “Cancel” button on the watch screen.

Q: What does 'signal lost' mean? 

A: The 'signal lost' alert which is shown in the web portal means that the SafeMotion watch was not reachable over an extended period. This can happen when the watch is switched off, the battery is empty or the watch has no network connection for the least 30 minutes. Without signal, no alert can be raised. The helper should check the watch as soon as possible.

Q: How accurate is the service user’s location?

A: SafeMotion uses the same Location Data as Google Maps and is determined using GPS, WiFi and mobile network connection points. The calculated location is usually very accurate especially in urban areas. This accuracy is shown in the SafeMotion web portal with a blue circle around the calculated location of the service user. The service user’s real location is very likely somewhere inside this blue circle. Note that indoor tracking does not mean that individual rooms within a building can be identified, but the ability to identify a building address based on WiFi zones should be of considerable assistance. SafeMotion is an additional help to locate the service user in case of an emergency.

Q: SafeMotion location shows a location which is wrong?

A: This is very rare and should never persist for long. It could happen when the SafeMotion watch has a poor GPS signal and is near a Wi-Fi hot spot which was originally registered by Google Street View somewhere else and has subsequently moved. SafeMotion uses a number of techniques to ignore such erroneous positions, but it can still happen on very rare occasions.

Q: When is the movement zone alert raised?

A: The movement zone alert is raised when the service users is outside the movement zone for at least 2 minutes. The alert is only raised if the service user is further outside the movement zone than the accuracy of the determined location. Example: if the determined location has an accuracy of 55 metres, the service user has to be 56 metres outside the movement zone for at least 2 minutes before the alert is raised.

Q: What do I do if my watch shows a blank screen?

A: The watch is not charged and should be connected to a power source as soon as possible. When connected it is advisable to leave the watch charging for 10 minutes before attempting to switch the watch on. Leave the watch to continue charging for minimum of 1 hour. It is recommended that the watch is charged daily for about 1 hour to ensure best battery life. Battery life can be viewed in the web and mobile portal.

Q: I have raised an alert and the watch shows a red SOS frame, yet the alerting chain has not contacted me.

A: The alert has been raised and is with a member of the alerting chain. The user should receive a response through the watch within 60 seconds. However, if the alerting chain includes a number of people and the first few haven’t be reachable, it make take slightly longer before a member of the chain responds.

Q: I have raised an alert by mistake, what should I do?

A: Do not worry. There is an option to cancel the alert on the watch by pressing the cancel button on the watch screen 3 seconds after the alert is raised. Should the alert go through before cancelling, just kindly inform the alerting chain member when they call the watch, that this was a false alert. It is important to respond to their call to highlight it is a false trigger.

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John has been using the SafeMotion watch for over a month and it has been a great help. John can be located on demand through my mobile at any time. John likes the feel of the watch and likes to know he can raise an alarm in or outside of the home. John’s dementia has progressively deteriorated and he has been known to wander off. Being able to locate him and call him is very comforting. Being able to geo-fence John’s home also means should he leave at a specific time, I am notified straight away, which reduces risk greatly. The SafeMotion team have been great with John as well, visiting and making sure any questions were answered, they took a real interest in John and making sure the watch added real value for him

Review by Hope Waters

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