Kardia Mobile ECG by AliveCor®

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Very useful

I suffered from palpitations and it was difficult to track down the cause. My doctor was happy with the PDF if produced. It did the job and was a lot cheaper than to have had private ECG monitoring for a week which may still not have found the cause (an occurrence has to happen whilst you are being monitored). It gives great reassurance- I was anxious about what was going on. I’ve been promoting it to my friends and family!

Review by Steven, Leicester

Very happy with it

My partner and I use the Kardia. We are very happy with it. My partner is a GP and has atrial fibrillation. It’s great that the Kardia is NICE-approved, which means that doctors have to pay attention to it.

Review by Michael, Cheltenham

Easy to use

I have both AF and tachycardia so the Kardia produces readings that I can give to my doctor. The Kardia is easy to use and compact- I keep it in my wallet. The doctors are really impressed with it.

Review by Antony, Bexhill

Recommended by my heart surgeon

The Kardia was recommended by my heart surgeon. I used to cycle and had episodes of high heart rate. I emailed the Kardia’s data to my doctor who confirmed that I have Atrial Fibrillation and I am now on medication to control it. The data now allows my doctor to increase or reduce the dose as my condition changes.

Review by Peter, Manchester

Highly recommended

Have to say, I'm very impressed with this little gizmo. The fact that I used it to capture an episode of AF on the first night I had it means, in my view, it's already paid for itself. I have been able to record half a dozen episodes now (sadly) and have emailed the ECG in PDF format to my GP. She was quite impressed too! It is so easy to carry with you and simple to set up. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but for me this is worth its weight in gold. Highly recommended.

Review by Richard

Buy it

Excellent.... I was advised by my heart specialist to think about buying this item as he had seen it being used in Spain and really liked its ease of use.... I had no hesitation in buying it and have no regrets. Brilliant. Gives me complete peace of mind

Review by Stevek

Peace of mind

Bought this for my wife, who has had Paroxysmal AF. We're very pleased with the portability, accuracy, ease of use of the alivecor and the ability to share her ECG's with her GP and Cardiologist by email or printing off. Have already recommended to friends and will continue to do so. Top Score! Fantastic value for money and gives us peace of mind knowing whether she is in sinus rhythm or AF. Allows us to go for much longer walks!

Review by Jeremy

Fantastic to be able to get an ECG when you need it without leaving home

I'm very pleased with the Kardia mobile. It means I can confirm that I am experiencing Atrial Fibrillation and act accordingly. If the AF is paroxysmal it's often stopped before you can get to a doctor. That meant the cardiologist asked whether I was sure it was happening. The Cardiology team at the hospital are impressed by the PDF I can send them. They hadn't seen Kardia Alivecor in action before. The customer service is also very helpful and talked me through the set up. My one small criticism is that readings come up as unclassified if your heartrate is under 50 beats per minute. But you still get an ECG you can send to an expert or your own cardiology team. A good investment without a doubt.

Review by JanetM

Highly recommend the product. Excellent service from the company.

What an amazing bit of kit. I was concerned because my phone was not on the compatibility list, so I was reluctant to buy it at first. After asking questions of customer services, and being assured that I could have a full refund if it didn't work, I purchased the Kardia Mobile and it works perfectly with my Sony Xperia E5. Highly recommend the product for monitoring atrial fibrillation.

Review by Yorkie

Excellent product

Excellent, delighted with the product. Works great with my Sony Xperia Z3.

Review by JJH

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