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Really helps

I used to have to phone my mum every night to check that she had taken her medication. I no longer need to do that. It also tells he what day it is which really helps as she used to ask all the time. The advice I receive through your helpline really helped me in my decision to buy this product.

Review by Janette, Manchester

A great product

Brought this for my Mom on the recommendation of an NHS dementia nurse. It has helped her considerably, and I no longer receive phone calls asking what day / date / time it is. I haven't used it to set reminders yet, but will give that a go in the next couple of weeks. On the whole, I think this is a great product.

Review by Lucy

Perfect just what I was looking for

This device was just what I was looking for. I bought it for my father who now has brain damage following a heart op. He has numerous appointments to fulfil with various health professionals so it is good to remind him to get dressed, put his coat on etc. For his birthday all of the family did a little video each. It was quite fiddly to set them all up to come on twice a day but he loved it. There are a couple of reminders missing from the list which I would like on there such as holidays, but I can always do a video.

Review by Nonnanick


Excellent customer service. Product a brilliant idea and device

Review by Anonymous

Good choice

Excellent and very easy to set up.

Review by TT

Very good, but technical design needs a little tweaking.

Bought this clock for my mother, whose memory is not good. I had a lot of problems setting this up with personal reminders; information on compatible computer formats is on the box sleeve, but not in the instructions. It claims to work with JPG files, but it kept crashing; I acheived partial success using PNG files, although it still took several attempts to set it up. It has crashed once since, but to be honest that might have been a power failure in the house (although I don't think so). Once working, it is good - my mother doesn't need to touch it, and the messages are clear.

Review by Tom.

very good

My husband finds it very useful as he gets confused with time of day. The reminders are good although I haven't been able to download our own pictures as the instructions don't seem to explain very well

Review by Lyn

Brilliant clock - very useful

I brought this clock for my mother, who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimers. It has helped her considerably, and she no longer has to telephone me to ask what day it is. It is a little expensive, but it is worth it. I haven't added any personal photo's etc. yet, but will add these soon. The clock was dispatched very quickly, and came within a couple of days. All in all, I'm very pleased, and so is Mom!

Review by Lucy

fantastic clock. excellent display and reminder facilities.

Fantastic. My mum has mixed dementia and as soon as she saw this clock she was over the moon with it. The black and yellow display showed up best for her and her comment was' I feel like its given me back some independance. I dont have to ask what day it is now'. That in itself was good enough review for me

Review by bridget

Fantastic clock!

I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday! Fantastic!
Only took a few minutes to start using it.
Bought for my husband who normally hates 'gadgets' - after only a short time he said 'that's really good'. I was surprised and delighted. He calls it his Alzheimer's clock!
I am going to experiment with making up my own pictures and videos .
This is more expensive than many similar products but it has much more functionality so I felt it would be well worth the money. I particularly like the idea of making my own video messages so he can hear familiar voices and see familiar faces as his dementia progresses as just now he is only in the early stages.

Review by Techygran

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