Pebbell 2 Waterproof GPS tracker and Emergency Phone

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Very helpful

I use it to keep an eye on dad – it allows him to be independent. He loves the fact that the voice on the other end is his daughter’s, not a stranger.

Review by Anne, Manchester

Brilliant product

I bought the Pebbell for my dad. I like the fact that it uses GPS, has a panic button and is discrete. It is a brilliant product. We have attached it to his keyring and he thinks that it’s there to track his keys in case he loses them! We have found him in some strange places since he started using it!

Review by Kim, Edinburgh


Excellent product. My wife suffers from dementia and is prone to wander. I had to call the police recently when she went on an excursion and they recommended the Pebbell. I have been able to find my wife on several occasions since buying it.

Review by Brian, Kings Langley


My husband has dementia. The Pebbell is a lifesaver. I am now very happy for him to go out without me – he wears it on his belt and it is very unobtrusive. We have a new dog – the old dog would have brought him home if he got lost; now the Pebbell does! I can also confirm that the Pebbell is definitely waterproof as it has been through the washing machine!

Review by Jacqueline, Stockport

Perfect for the purpose

The Pebbell does what you say it does and is very accurate. Perfect for the purpose we bought it. Looks and feels good. Not too heavy or obtrusive.
Shame it charges the emergency contacts when they message the Pebbell rather than being able to use inclusive text allowances. (Or wifi)
I had a slight concern about my mum's ability to charge the device. A contactless dish to put the device in would be better than the cradle provided, which might be tricky for vulnerable elderly types who aren't used to charging phones etc.
Well packaged, good instructions and easy to top up with money.

Review by Malcolm

Fits the bill perfectly

The Pebbell 2 fits the bill perfectly. Our Mam has Dementia. We felt that before she started to wonder off, a gps such as this would be ideal. I have been able to track Mam when she goes to the shop or for a walk. It provides great peace of mind. I am able to talk to her too should she get lost. Great advice and service from telmenow.

Review by Anonymous

For my husband, who has a heart condition

The Pebbell was bought for my husband, who has a heart condition. Having been a very keen walker he now finds himself very soon out of breath and very tired. We were both worried about whether he would ‘make it’ on his round with the dog. I was concerned about using a mobile phone, which I use very rarely and my husband worried about not understanding the technology and pressing the ‘wrong’ buttons. I bought an android phone, which has a reasonably priced monthly cost and my husband was happy with how the Pebbell works.
With the Pebbell both my husband and I have a peace of mind when he is out dog walking. He knows he can contact me easily and I can find him and give him help if need be.
It is easy to understand and use. The GPS facility means I can find where he is and roughly how far he is from home and this is reassuring.
A few other points I would say are having tried to find the balance on the Pebbell simcard by messaging BAL+my number to 07924373737 I have not had any message back. Hopefully the low balance alert will come through next time - it hasn’t so far.
The loc message and following Google map is quite brilliant, but it comes at rather a high cost. I am hoping that, with time, I will be less anxious to find the location of the Pebbell bearer (just in case…) and rely on him contacting me if need be.
Unfortunately, the mobile coverage is not good in my area so return messages from the Pebbell can sometimes not return until the following day(!). This is, of course, nothing to do with the Pebbell but I thought I would just have a little grump!
To anyone thinking of buying the Pebbell 2, I would say it’s simple and easy to use. It gives peace of mind that when the wearer is in a vulnerable situation he/she can get in touch and speak with their main contact at the push of a button.

Review by Meta Reeves

Works well and offers peace of mind that if your loved one goes missing you can find them easily

Well thought out, easy to set up and use.
It has given me peace of mind that if my brother who has alzheimer's goes missing I'll easily find him.

Review by Paul

Peace of mind

I would highly recommend the Pebble it is a very versatile device with a great deal of applications the fact it can connect to 3 phones at one time and will contact them continuously in the event of an emergency is invaluable, I did a great deal of research before purchasing the Pebbell although not the cheapest one on the market in my opinion it is the best.
I give the device 4 out of 5 and purely because the hoop that connects it to a key ring broke off.

Review by Jim

recommended it to a number of friends and family that have similar concerns

My wife suffers from a dementia and lacks the confidence to go out on her own and I also would worry that she could get lost.
By wearing the pebble as a pendant she is happy to walk in the area on her own on a pre determined route. Once leaving the house I text the pebble to see that she is on her route and keep an eye on the time. Should she wander off her route or it confirms that she has stopped I can quickly cycle to the map reference to catch up with her.
Because the pebble gives her confidence that I'm not too far away she is happy to walk on her own again.
The ability to talk to her if she is in trouble is also a great asset.

Review by Brian

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