trueCall Nuisance Call Blocker

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Get it!

This was bought for my home. I had no real worries, but we were getting a lot of nuisance phone calls with the occasional aggressive/obnoxious sales person or scammer. It means that only a genuine caller will take the time to get through trueCall vetting process. I like that I can tailor the settings online. This makes it more user friendly than trying to programme the device. It really works. I would definitely tell others to get it!

Review by Paul

Useful and practical

Very good . Got it because of nuisance calls , pi insurance claim chasers, boiler quotes , new window sales, surveys etc . Also unit is a very good answering machine , beats any of the commercial phone units, . Clear instructions on receiving messages . Friends appreciate it well . Only comment is record of all callers only accessible by going to website . Older people might not be able to do so unless computer literate friend / relation available

Review by Alamaticus

Great package and friendly service

One of the best answering machines we have ever had . So user friendly . Would be even better if it would automatically link to the website to update and add to the stored numbers etc. Very clear instructions when some one rings in and certainly no time waster. A good service too

Review by Ruthvenrat

Great gadget that does a great job

Peace at last from telemarketing pests and scammers. Since installing the only calls I receive are the ones I want. The pests haven't given up but I don't even know they have called unless I check the stats on the web site but as I am not interested why bother.

Review by thomsclan

Highly recommended

This is the business!! Attached to phone line and no more nuisance calls straight away. On the default setting, calls are screened straight away. Friends and family have to state there name which allows the call to go through which you can take or drop. After 2 days of blocked call bliss my wife joked, "This is great, i almost feel like Billy No Mates!" Already Zapped several nuisance callers and permanently blocked them from future calls. Which I had got this much much sooner. Highly recommended.

Review by Mr. Brown from England

Best phone add-on I have ever bought

This is the best phone add-on I have ever bought. I was troubled with telemarketing calls and silent calls until I purchased this item over 6 months ago. Since then every cold caller and marketing call has stopped.

Review by Anonymous, UK

Nuisance calls a thing of the past

Not a single nuisance call since I installed it a month ago and no wanted calls lost, once I'd set up my Star List.

Review by John B from Reading

Worth every penny and more

Ask me now recommended the monitor and I am delighted with the choice. Reassurance and comfort alongside safe and secure. Worth every penny and more.

Review by Megan T from Bangor

I had so many junk phone calls before trueCall

My partner suffers from anxiety. She had so many junk phone calls that in the end she couldn't face using the phone AT ALL. Fitting the TrueCall filter changed it all overnight. No more cold calls. No more withheld numbers. No more marketing rubbish. Just the people she WANTS to hear from. She can even MAKE a few calls herself now. I don't know what I would have done without it

Review by Anonymous, UK

9 Item(s)