7 Valentine’s day activities for people with dementia

Valentine’s day does not have to be exclusive to young couples – it is for everybody to celebrate!

It is a day to show love and affection to people you care about and it is also an opportunity to spend time doing fun activities with your loved one.

In our post, we suggest seven activities that you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, family member or friend who is living with dementia.


1. Get creative

There are so many different ways in which you can get creative with your loved one with dementia this Valentine’s day!

Being creative stimulate the senses and mind so this is hugely beneficial to those living with dementia.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can get creative this Valentine’s:

• Create handmade valentine’s day cards

• Make a flower arrangement

• Use beads to make jewellery


elderly couple looking through photo album2. Look through old photo albums and tapes

Reminiscing is a lovely way to spend the day with your loved one. Look through old photo and watch family videos and have a good laugh at the memories.

Talking photo albums are also wonderful gifts to give to someone living with dementia. The photo can be accompanied with your own voice recording that explains what the memory is.


3. Cook their favourite meal

Offer to cook your loved one their favourite meal, or bake a Valentine’s themed treat for them to enjoy!

Make the meal extra special by setting up the dining room table and having a jug of freshly squashed juice.


4. Watch a film together  

Watch a new or old film with your loved one this Valentine’s day. This could be at home or at the cinema.

Some independent cinemas now offer dementia-friendly film screening so contact your local cinema to find out more.


record player5. Listen to music

Music can be enjoyed at all stages of dementia. You could get out the old vinyl recordings and play them their favourite songs from when they were older.

Also, music platforms such as Spotify and Apple music have playlists for your loved one’s era.


6. Read a book to them

Reading is beneficial to those at all stages of dementia. You could read them a book with short stories or magazines.

Alternatively, you could both listen to an audiobook together.


couple walking in countryside7. Go outdoors

This one is weather dependent, especially in the UK! However, providing the weather stays warm and dry, you may wish to go for a stroll outdoor.

You could go to the park, for an easy stroll around the country or to the seaside. This is a great way for those with dementia to stay active and stimulated.


Have you enjoyed this blog post? If so, check out our post on top tips for caring for someone with dementia and let us know in the comment box activities that you will be doing with your loved one this Valentine’s day.

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